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Cross country flights in Club ships must be approved one day before the flight by:

  • The Chief Field Operations Officer
  • The Chief Flight Instructor
  • And notify the scheduler of the plans to make a cross-country flight the evening before the flight after obtaining the noted approvals.

If the pilot does not begin his preflight inspection of the aircraft by the scheduled start time, the flight will be considered cancelled and the aircraft will be made available to others.

   The RWSA Cross-Country Training Program has been established to assist those licensed glider pilots who are interested in preparing for their first x-country flight. The program consists of a ground school of 5 or 6 two-hour sessions usually conducted over the winter months at a location and time convenient to the attendees, plus assistance during the flying season in attaining the SSA Bronze Badge, plus some in-the-air practice in thermal soaring, practice in simulated off-field landings at an airport other than Osceola, and short dual cross-country flights. The program is open to licensed glider pilots who have a sincere interest in learning about how to do such flying safely.
   Serious pilots will obtain and study the SSA Cross-Country Handbook for Beginners in addition to working on their Bronze Badge and volunteering to crew for club x-country pilots. Crewing is a way to rapidly learn what this aspect of soaring is all about.
   There is no charge to participate in the program other than the normal flight and instruction charges where applicable. If you wish to participate in this program as a club member sincerely interested in doing your first cross-country flight, contact the Chief of Cross-Country Training.

Prior to cross-country flight in a club ship, a member:
  • Must have at least a Private Pilot Glider Certificate
  • Must have earned an SSA Bronze Badge or higher
  • Must have accumulated at least 50 hours in gliders, including 5 solo hours in the glider to be used
  • Prior to a specific flight, should arrange a ground retrieve crew or a retrieve by aero tow.
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